Drug Testing Questions & Answers

Are you needing a drug test for your employer, DOT, or workers compensation? Come to PrimeCare Urgent Care! We offer drug screening tests onsite. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Cumming GA, Sugar Hill GA, Buford GA, Suwanee GA, Alpharetta GA, Duluth, GA, Dahlonega GA and Dawsonville, GA.

Drug Testing Near Me in Cumming, GA
Drug Testing Near Me in Cumming, GA

If you’re taking on a new job or taking on new responsibilities in your current job, you might need a drug test done, or you might need one for another reason. You can get the test done right here at PrimeCare Urgent Care, right on the spot, with no appointment booking necessary. Come by today if you need to, or if you’re an employer, call us today. To give you a good idea of what to expect from drug screening with us, here’s a bit of a Q&A on drug testing!

Why do you need to take a drug test?

There are a number of different reasons someone would need a drug test done. Below is a bit of a list of reasons and a short explanation for each:

  • Pre-employment testing is often necessary for new employees or current employees taking on new responsibilities
  • The Dept. of Transportation (DOT) requires that people who need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) get tested for drugs and alcohol
  • An occupational medicine provider like PrimeCare Urgent Care may partner with an employer to help promote and provide a safe and healthy work environment, and drug/alcohol testing may be a part of this
  • Worker’s Compensation (WC) injuries and claims may necessitate drug or alcohol testing
  • Individual patients and patients’ parents may want or need to be tested for various reasons
  • Forsyth County Drug Court patients can get tested for drug or alcohol addiction

There may be another reason you need drug or alcohol testing. You can call our clinic if you believe you may need a test done.

Why would you have to retake a drug test?

A: There are some rare instances when a drug test gives a false positive result. A false positive happens when a test indicates drug use even though the person isn’t using any drugs. If a false positive happens, you should retake the drug test to make sure you get an accurate result. Contact our clinic to learn more on this subject.

What kind of drug testing and drug screening does PrimeCare provide?

A: We provide tests for the reasons we listed and others, so you can come see us if you need a test for work, driving, addiction, or any other reason. Some of the common tests we offer are:

  • Urine drug screening
  • Random drug testing
  • DOT tests
  • Federal drug testing
  • Breath alcohol testing (BAT)

PrimeCare is a great place to get your drug test done. We’re an urgent care clinic, so you can come see us without having to make an appointment first. Also, we have multiple types of instant drug screen panels in-house, as well as more extensive send-out and confirmatory drug screen lab panels. This means we’re able to produce any results you need quickly and provide them to you just as quickly. Employers can customize the type of urine or serum drug screen panel, request hair testing, or arrange for blood alcohol testing. PrimeCare has trained and certified Federal Drug Screen Collectors working onsite daily.

Do you provide drug testing in Cumming, GA?

Yes, we do! If you’re an employee or an individual who needs testing, you can come see us, no appointment necessary, at 2021 Market Place Blvd Cumming, GA 30041, book a test online with us, or call us for a test at (770) 285-1853. We’re available Monday thru Sunday, 10:00AM to 7:00PM.

If you’re an employer, you can call us to get testing for your employee or employees. We encourage you to inquire about our drug testing group pricing discounts and about contracting with us for your occupational medicine needs. We can meet all of your occupational medicine needs here at PrimeCare Urgent Care!

We look forward to seeing or speaking with you soon!