Injury Treatment Clinic Q & A

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Injury Treatment Clinic Near Me in Cumming, GA
Injury Treatment Clinic Near Me in Cumming, GA

Everyone sustains an injury at some point during their life. While most injuries are minor and can be treated at home with a simple first-aid kit, more serious injuries require medical attention. When you sustain an injury, it is important to know where to go. For mild to moderate injuries, urgent care is the perfect place. For severe injuries, an emergency room is your best option.

What injuries can be treated at an urgent care?

Urgent care clinics are equipped to deal with mild to moderate injuries, such as anything that requires immediate medical attention but is not life-threatening. Urgent care covers injuries such as:

  • Auto injuries — Any injury that occurs while in a vehicle, such as whiplash, moderate abrasions and mild head trauma
  • Personal injuries — Any injury that occurs while at home or during your leisure time, such as cuts (from a kitchen knife, for example), sprains, strains, bruises and minor fractures
  • Work injuries — Any injury that occurs in the workplace, such as hurting your back from lifting an object, falling off a ladder, being hit by a dropped object, tripping on a cord or twisting your ankle
  • Sports injuries — Any injury sustained while playing sports, such as sprains, strains, dislocated joints, minor fractures, concussions and any other sports-related infliction

Should I treat my injury at urgent care or the ER?

Knowing the difference of when to visit an urgent care clinic or the emergency room is important for several reasons. If your injury is not life-threatening, going to the emergency room can take longer and cost more, and will cause wait times to be longer for patients that need emergency medical attention. Conversely, going to an urgent care clinic with a more serious injury will often lead to an ER visit anyway, as an urgent care clinic is only equipped to handle non-life-threatening situations.

It can easily be determined by knowing this: If your life is in danger, or you risk the chance of losing a limb or sustaining permanent damage to your body, go to the emergency room immediately. They are equipped to deal with the most serious situations and always have staff on hand. If your life is not in danger and you do not pose a risk of losing a limb or sustaining permanent bodily damage, go to an urgent care clinic. They are equipped to handle most situations, and can treat you quickly and effectively. Urgent care clinics are open late and usually open every day of the week. However, if you sustained an injury outside the normal operating hours of urgent care, a visit to the ER might be your only choice.

What is the most commonly treated injury at urgent care?

Many different injuries can be treated at urgent care. Among the most common are:

  • Whiplash
  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures

Although these are the most commonly treated injuries, urgent care treats nearly every injury that is not life-threatening.

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