School and Sports Physicals Q & A

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School and Sports Physicals Near Me in Cumming, GA
School and Sports Physicals Near Me in Cumming, GA

PrimeCare Urgent Care provides routine and preventative care with a full spectrum of services, including physical exams. A physical is comprehensive review of a person’s general well-being which assists in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Physical exams allow the doctor and their patient to be assured the patient does not have any unknown medical problems. These examinations should be done annually. At PrimeCare Urgent Care we provide a number of different types of physical including school physicals and sports physicals.

School Physicals

Annual physical exams are not only necessary for adults. Physicals are a critical aspect of everyone’s healthcare, at every stage in life. Children and adolescents should see their pediatrician for an annual checkup. It is especially important for them to have regular visits with their pediatricians since they undergo many dramatic changes in height, weight and various other physical changes during this stage in life. This allows doctors to make sure your child is in good health and that their development is appropriate for their age group.

In addition to an annual checkup, many schools require that all students receive a “back-to-school physical” prior to beginning each new school year. Back-to-school physicals usually consist of many of the same things youths go through during a routine checkup such as the evaluation of weight, height, vision, pulse and blood pressure. In addition to the evaluation of their ears, lungs, abdomen, mouth and throat, the physician will also check their reflexes and motor development. The physician will also verify that your child is has had all of their mandatory vaccinations that are required before the start of each school year.

Sports Physicals

Youths who wish to participate in sports are required to have a separate sports physical in addition to the yearly back-to-school physical. Sports physicals are required by most schools and athletic leagues. A sports physical may include but is not limited to many of the same procedures during a back-to-school or routine checkup. The physician will check the athletes weight, height, eyesight and vital signs. They will assess the patient’s fitness, strength, joints and flexibility. The physical will also include a medical history portion where the physician may ask questions about any illnesses the patient may have or has had in the past such as asthma, diabetes, etc., allergies, past injuries or surgeries. The patient may also be asked about any current medication, any drug or alcohol use, or the use of any dietary supplements and performance enhancers.

It is crucial for athletes receive a sport physical before they participate in sports activities to ensure they are in good health and that it is safe for them to participate. It is important for all parties involved to be aware of any health issues that could interfere with the athlete’s ability to participate in any particular sport.

If a physician finds that your child may have any health concerns or be prone to injury, that does not automatically mean they cannot participate in sports. The important and first step is to find out if there are any concerns that need to be identified and addressed. Once the assessment is made, we can help inform you and your student athlete if any additional care is needed and we can suggest any tips and exercises your child may need to do or avoid. We want to help athletes make sure their health is not interfering with their ability to play so that they are able to be strongest and best athlete they can be.

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