Workers’ Compensation Questions and Answers

If you have been injured on the job, come to PrimeCare Urgent Care to file a workers’ compensation claim. Our kind and compassionate professionals in Cumming, GA are experienced providers of workers’ compensation and can help determine your eligibility and walk you through the process. For more information, please call us today or request an appointment online.

Workers’ Compensation Near Me in Cumming, GA
Workers’ Compensation Near Me in Cumming, GA

Workers’ compensation insurance programs can save you plenty of stress and anxiety if you get injured at work, helping you out financially and medically so that you can recover from your injury fully and return to work safely and efficiently. At PrimeCare Urgent Care, our board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners would be pleased to provide the medical side of workers’ compensation services to you if you have suffered an injury at work. To give you a better idea of what workers’ compensation services entail, we have provided some answers to common questions about workers’ compensation below.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of accident insurance that provides wage replacement and medical services to employees who have suffered an injury at work or while carrying out obligations related to their employment. The workers’ compensation program is paid for by each employer covered under the State Board of Workers’ Compensation (SBWC). The goal of workers’ compensation is to successfully rehabilitate injured workers so that they can return to work safely. In the case of a fatal accident from a workplace incident, workers’ compensation also provides benefits to the dependents of the deceased employee.

What makes you eligible for workers’ compensation?

The primary eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation involve working for an employer that is covered by workers’ compensation and experiencing a work-related injury or illness. Additionally, you must be registered as an employee of the organization, the injury must take place while carrying out a work-related task, and you must report the injury and fill out the workers’ compensation claim within the state deadlines..

Examples of legitimate work-related injuries may include such things as injuring your back while lifting heavy objects, a repetitive strain injury (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome from typing, becoming ill from exposure to hazardous chemicals, or falling and experiencing a concussion, fracture, sprain, or other injuries.

In order to continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits, the injured employee must attend all medical appointments and examinations and continue with the prescribed treatment.

How do you get workers’ compensation?

If you have suffered a work-related illness or injury, you should report the accident or injury to your employer, which may be your boss, foreman, or supervisor, at your earliest convenience. It is essential to report the accident or injury within 30 days, or else you may not receive workers’ compensation benefits.

After reporting the injury to your employer, they should provide you with the necessary paperwork to fill out regarding the time, place, date, and how the injury occurred. After filling out the form, you should return it to your employer, who will file your claim to the SBWC. The SBWC will then review your claim and either approve or deny it. If the claim is approved, the SBWC will contact you to inform you of payment details and other important information.

Where can I get workers’ compensation services near me?

If your workers’ compensation claim has been approved by the SBWC, the standard practice is for your employer to provide you with information identifying medical care providers in your area. With that being said, if you live in the area of Cumming, Georgia, our board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners would be pleased to provide you with workers’ compensation services. Our medical care providers are fully licensed and trained and have abundant experience providing successful workers’ compensation services.

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